Around The Races In Eighty Days Cheltenham

***My website has now slipped into hibernation but, for the moment at least, will avoid a one-way ticket to a Swiss clinic for ageing blogs just in case my desire for writing returns at some point in the future.

Thank you to those that have read my musings on all things horse racing and beyond. The book of my journey that started this whole adventure is still available via Amazon, or directly from me by clicking on the Shop tab above.***

Join me as I embark on my ludicrous journey, discovering the people and places that make up the racecourses of Great Britain. The challenge is to watch horse racing at each venue in an 80 day period ranging from Friday 13 March 2015 to Sunday 31 May 2015.

There are no fewer than 58 courses strewn about this island, some racing only once or twice within this window, and the logistical challenges and opportunities for the project to unravel are many and varied. To visit them all in a lifetime would be an achievement for any racing fan to be proud of; to attempt it in eighty days is verging on the insane.

Along the way I hope to find new friends, a few winners, and a deeper understanding of the changing face of the sport that I love. May the trains, planes and motorways be kind…..