Cheltenham Sweepstake Kit

With the Cheltenham festival coming up in a few weeks, the racing season is soon going to be in full swing! If you’re planning to try your hand at some Cheltenham 2018 Betting, you might be interested in having a go at this sweepstakes kit we’ve put together for the big week! The kit comes with three main pieces, the rules-card, race-card and the betting slips. The slips come all on one page but if you divide them up, you should have enough for everyone to have one (if not, you can always print another load off!). Once everyone’s got a betting slip, let them have a look at the race-card and pick which horse they think’s going to win. Just write the horse’s name on the slip and collect them all up, once you have them all then wait for the race and see who managed to pick the winner!

Simply click below to access the print-ready pdf:

Cheltenham Sweepstakes Kit

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